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Monday, 28 November 2011

Corruption Watch (Banda Adminstration), 2nd Edition

More revelations of the rampant nepotism and organised plunder that took place under President Banda. The Post is reporting that former Mines Minister Maxwell apparently instructed his ministry officials to favour fellow minister Gabriel Namulambe, then inspector general of police Francis Kabonde and former defence permanent secretary Nicholas Kwendakwema with mining rights contrary to the law.

In a letter signed on December 21, 2010 to the Director of Mines and the Director of Geological Survey, Mr Mwale ordered the two officials to give Gabriel Namulambe, the then Minister of Works and Supply, mining rights for areas in Luapula and North/Western Provinces. In June 29, 2011, Mr Mwale instructed the two officials to favour Mr Kabonde, Dr Kwendakwema and others with mining rights in Mumbwa District, west of Lusaka, in Central Province. More detail via the Post

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