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Thursday, 24 November 2011

An Economic Sabotage

A media report on the ZAMTEL Commission findings :

The Post has some other interesting revelations, including this statement :
"On RP Capital, the recommendation of the commission of inquiry was that a civil lawsuit be immediately instituted to recover the excess fees paid to RP Capital. It also recommended that RP Capital, its affiliates and employees must be immediately barred from conducting business in Zambia. It was also recommended that a civil lawsuit be immediately instituted against RP Capital and Simmons and Simmons for professional misconduct and negligence in qualifying LAP Green despite LAP Green's failing of all the three mandatory prequalification criteria."

1 comment:

  1. I'm sure the female reporter is a nice person, but her english is very poor for a television person. Vowels and consonants. It shouldn't take long to work on.

    Is it possible that running down ZAMTEL was a strategy, to run down the popularly perceived value of the business, so they could justify giving it away? Just wondering, because a lot of odd things can happen when a government is no longer interested in the performance of it's parastatals - like with privatisation.

    I couldn't catch her name, but the female lawyer/accountant was very good and professional. (Although I don't see how they were forced to conclude anything.)


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