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Friday, 11 November 2011

Zambia Budget 2012

The Finance Minister, Hon Alexander Chikwanda delivered the Budget Statement today. Further analysis to follow, but key changes appears to be the increase in tax exemption on PAYE; increase in mineral royalty taxation; and, general re-prioritisation of spending on the four priority sectors identified in the recent President Speech. There's also commitment to the usual fiscal and monetary arrangements. Those interested in taxation only should see Budget Highlights. The rest should regard this as compulsory reading over the weekend!  [Those on handheld devices who want a word version should drop us an email -]
2012 Budget Address by Hon Chikwanda

Zambia 2012 Budget Highlights

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  1. I.P.A. Manning (Chosanganga)12 November 2011 at 13:53

    Chikwanda mentions building up the northern circuit for tourism, a dead horse if ever there was one; and as for his provision of 'K15.0 billion to recapitalize Zambia Wildlife Authority' this is wholly inadequate given that a very cursory examination of the issue reveals debts some four times greater. Recapitalize? What is needed is for government to pay off their debts and close them down, bringing back a smaller government department that can build some credibility and get them off the backs of the people. When will they establish a board of inquiry into the goings on there at Chilanga?


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