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Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Luapula Manganese, 7th Edition

"These mining companies are currently mining without leaving anything for the Government and the council. This is so because the mines are not appearing anywhere in our valuation roll and deeds records, although some of the mining firm’s activities are legal.."
Mansa Town Clerk Bright Mbambai recently confirmed what everyone knows. Government is losing collossal sums through illegal manganese mining in Mansa. He attributes the plunder to failure by manganese extraction firms not formalising their operations with the relevant authorities. The mining companies do not even appear in the Mansa Council Valuation Roll to compel them to pay the taxes through the local authorities. Seven mining companies had so far been issued with large-scale mining licences but that, they had not formalised their operations with the council, leading to the loss of revenue. That's just Mansa - throughout Luapula the picture is the same, with most Manganese disappearing across the DRC border along with other minerals.

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  1. Did you know that the export levy on manganese was suspended in February - after the Minister of Finance in budget said the playing filed would be levelled and all metals and minerlas would be subject to export levy? This is a huge scandal.


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