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Tuesday, 17 January 2012

ZAMTEL Commission Report

The final report to President Michael Sata of the Commission of Inquiry into the sale of ZAMTEL. The Government has release this confidential report to foster transparency and encourage public debate on the future of ZAMTEL.
Zamtel Commission Report - Government of the Republic of Zambia

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  1. Flashback: While the privatisation of ZAMTEL has been a subject of much discussion on the blog since 2007, I feel that the linked post below in particular is especially pertinent to current events. Far too many people seem to be caught up in the "news cycle" and losing track of the fact that this is a story that has developed over a period of years as pertinent information is slowly and painstakingly extracted from the principal players who have acted to squash inquiry at every turn:

    RP Capital at the time it was engaged by the Minister to conduct evaluation of ZAMTEL assets specialised in portfolio servicing for extremely rich individuals and had zero documented experience conducting the sort of activities required by the privatisation exercise. The entire affair seems to have been an elaborate scheme to transfer ownership of assets held in trust for the people of Zambia to the now defunct Libyan dictatorship, with rich rewards to GRZ officials and private consultants along the way. I welcome alternative interpretations of events should anyone care to bring them forward, however I will certainly meet any such effort with skepticism and expect at least some degree of evidence to back up any plausible arguments.


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