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Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Aviation Watch (New Routes)

Air Namibia launch a four-times-a-week direct flight from Windhoek into Livingstone to meet the growing demand between the two countries. The airline market survey has revealed growing demand by tourists travelling between Livingstone and Windhoek from Europe and East Africa enough to fly four- times - a- week event. Zambia Tourism Board is currently on a campaign to attract airlines to Livingstone. More detail via Times of Zambia.


  1. The Zambian Government was boasting about the increase in arrivals at airports in Zambia. I asked some of my customers in tourism if this meant an increase in tourism to Zambia and was told No. It is total arrivals not tourist arrivals and the bulk of the tourists arriving in Livingstone are getting on a bus to Vic valls, Kasane or Katima Mulilo. So Livingstone has become the arrival point for the neighbors. If we changed some of the detrimental charges maybe we could get more to stay in Livingstone?

    1. That's an interesting point but I am not sure it's necessarily bad. If the picture painted is accurate that would suggest Livingstone has tremendous potential to grow as an aviation hub which can only benefit Zambia.

      The other point is that if visitors are going to other parts of Zambia that is also good because in my view we concentrate too much on Livingstone. But of course we don't want to improve Livingstone just to help Zimbabwe across the border.


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