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Monday, 27 February 2012

Energy Watch (New Pipeline)

Sub-Saharan Gemstone Exchange Industrial Park (SGE) recently signed a deal with Australia’s Maysen and Borowski Group to construct a US$3.3bn refinery and pipeline in Ndola. When completed this would become Zambia’s second refinery and the new pipeline running from Dar-es-Salaam to Ndola projected to increase fuel production by an additional 5m litres of fuel per day. The project is expected to 5,000 permanent jobs. This becomes the first agreement under the new government. No details yet whether this will be funded entirely by the private sector or whether Government will have a stake.


  1. First, we need to stop measuring the success of FDI in terms of jobs. "They will bring jobs" is MMD/Neoliberal speak for "They will take everything, because they gave us a little money".

    "They will bring jobs" is code for "They won't pay taxes".

    Zambia needs it's own development plan, and then fit whatever 'investment' into that.

    Second, if this is about the development of the Zambian economy, then there has to be a sunset clause on all foreign ownership, of no more than 10 years, *if that*. That is the only 'foreign investment' that is acceptable, or else it should be called what it is, not 'foreign investment', but foreign ownership.

    Questions that should be dealt with in a national development plan are: how are Zambian cities going to grow?; how does foreign and domestic investment fit into this development plan?; how is city growth paid for - taxes, grants, etc.

    The idea that Zambia 'needs foreign investment' is as corrupt as the MMD itself. Zambia has massive riches, and we don't need foreign ownership of those riches to monetize them.

  2. Thank you for such a good development. But it would be good for the govt and the ZDA to look into building atleast another refinery in the western province, following the previous developmental diputes we had, anyway having built the refinery in western province, we will automatic jobs in Southern, North-western and Western provinces.
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