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Tuesday, 7 February 2012

The Syrian Conundrum (Guest Blog)

The first of a series of articles from our resident geo-politics expert Dr Mpundu Mukanga focusing on the current Syrian crisis.
The Syrian Conundrum Part 1

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  1. Interesting and detailed perspective on Syria. thorough summary on the background to the way things are. Cant wait for part 2

  2. Check out these articles too:

    SYRIA: CIA-MI6 Intel Ops and Sabotage
    - by Felicity Arbuthnot - 2012-02-07

    From recently released archives - the more things change, the more they stay the same. Syria is strategically located in the coming war against Iran, which itself is a jumping off point for a war against China and Russia.

    SYRIA: PREVENTING WAR: NATO’s Objective is to turn Syria into Another Iraq, a Quagmire of Ethnic and Sectarian Violence
    - by Prof. Igor Panarin - 2012-02-10

    There are a lot of articles on Syrria on


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