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Wednesday, 15 February 2012

They Came to Pollute

This copper is not like vegetables where one might suggest that by tomorrow it will go bad and lose its value. Even after 15 years, that copper will still be there, so what is important is our lives first then copper. It is the mine that emphasizes that safety must always be first but they are not respecting that principle on this matter… The government has an obligation of protecting our lives as citizens of this land. Now we don’t know if those people in offices respect Mopani’s Copper production at the expense of thousands of lives.
Butondo resident Jackson Mulenga on Mopani Copper Mine’s rampant acid emissions from its Heap Leaching Plant. The residents are not happy with the failure by Government to deal with the rampant pollution. Many people continue to die in the area due to the pollution. As a first step the residents would like Government to send medical personnel to examine the extent of damage the acid mists have caused on people’s lives. We have previously touched on the ecological and mining genocide which continue to perpetuated by mining companies.

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