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Friday, 6 April 2012

Corruption Watch (Various)

Recent "corruption watch" related news :

The Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) is now investigating a bribery case involving some senior members of the MMD and a French engineering firm. The investigations emanated from the World Bank’s action to slap a US$9.5 million (about K50 billion) fine on Alstom Corporation after the company allegedly bribed a former MMD government official in 2002. (Previous report here).

The nine employees of Disabled Multi-purpose Association of Zambia (DMAZ) are facing court charges for allegedly obtaining, by false pretences, more than K30 million meant for the supply of fertiliser to their members.

Three former defence service chiefs were arrested last week and jointly charged with theft by public servant involving K1.5 billion meant for defence operations during and after last September’s tripartite elections. The three are former Zambia Army commander Wisdom Lopa, former Zambia Air Force commander Andrew Sakala and former Zambia National Service commander Anthony Yeta.

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  1. Any effort in fighting corruption is a welcome move. But there is should be prosecutions of all who are found wanting. PF has done away with Task force and running paralleled cases with A C C.

    Kunda KM


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