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Thursday, 12 April 2012

Corruption Watch (Various)

Recent "corruption watch" related news :

Two Ministry of Community Development employees in Mongu recently appeared in a magistrate’s court charged with 12 counts of theft by public servant involving about K90 million. Principal community development officer Jenifer Malembeka, 46 and Lubinda Wakwinji, a practical instructor also 46 have been charged with 12 counts of theft by public servant.

The Commission of Inquiry on the procurement of petroleum products has established that K2 trillion was allegedly embezzled in the supply chain between 2007 and last year. The malpractices occurred in the then Ministry of Energy and Water Development, Zambia Public Procurement Authority and ERB. The commission has recommended that law enforcement agencies should take action immediately.

Hon Mwalimu Simfukwe MP (Mbala Central) has been arrested and charged with abuse of authority of office.
 Mr Simfukwe, who is former Northern Province permanent secretary, was been jointly charged with a former procurement officer Elias Simukonde.

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  1. In Uganda they have started an interesting policy to fight corruption. People were buying houses with their corrupt money as an investment and as a way of hiding money. The new policy is that anyone who buys a house worth over $20,000 gets an automatic audit from the tax revenue authority. If they can't explain where they got the money or if they evaded taxes they are arrested.

    It has really killed the housing market. :P You hope to sell to a Sudanese or an expat who isn't subject to the new rules. (It's hard to audit money from out of the country).


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