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Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Cost of Poor Sanitation in Zambia

Poor sanitation costs Zambia K946 billion each year, equivalent to US$194 million, according to a desk study carried out by The Water and Sanitation Program (WSP). This sum is the equivalent of US$16.4 per person in Zambia per year or 1.3% of the national GDP.
Economics of Poor Sanitation in Zambia

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  1. Hello,The poor sanitation coverage in provincial ranges remains an enormous risk to the accomplishment of the Millennium Development goals sanitation target in Zambia.This is on the grounds that most rustic groups don't have admittance to any type of latrine facility.The expense of not having toilets and drilling great hygiene on the nation's development and economic development is critical.As indicated by document on the state of sanitation in Zambia (2008), absence of toilets and poor hygiene prompts loss of benefit,preventable well-being expenses,low instructive accomplishment,high morbidity and poor social development.
    ~Janet C.


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