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Monday, 30 April 2012

Dressing for Labour Day

Roy Mwaba (ZCTU) recently asked Government to buy quality attire for workers during this year’s Labour Day celebrations. Mr Mwaba said it is important for employers to always consider motivating their workers even in a small way by ensuring that they are bought quality attire when they march to commemorate Labour Day :
“We want to appeal to employers, investors, the mines including the government to ensure that they buy quality suits for workers. They must dress them properly. We don’t want them to buy the chitenge materials from Kamwala in Lusaka to dress our members. The companies and Government must buy quality suits for workers like the ones ministers wear".
Is this not just perpetuating folly? Employers should pay workers well enough for them to dress properly all the time not just on labour day. When are we going to start thinking properly? Incidentally, all employees would prefer to be motivated by cash payments instead of suits. Money is more efficient than rations (economics 101). Also, the practice is also very North Korean - marching around, doing what and for whom? Is it a crusade?

1 comment:

  1. I have never understood the reasoning behind this. Every year you get a new suit and prance around in the sun and dust for a few hours but conditions of service remain poor!!!! Never mind the congestion caused by the closing off of roads,total waste of time and resources if you ask me.


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