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Thursday, 19 April 2012

From Beijing With Weapons, 2nd Edition

The Government has bought eight K-8P jets for Zambia Air Force (ZAF) from China. ZAF Commander Eric Chimese said the jets would "enhance the military wing’s ability to monitor the stability of the country". Government also plans to purchase helicopters, presumably also from China.

One can only imagine this deal was struck by the MMD administration. General Wisdom Lop was in Beijing exactly one year ago to meet military officials as Beijing seeks to strength its military hold across the continent through under the table military cooperation and general arm sales. Though given Mr Mwamba's eagerness for military hardware, may be that assumption needs to be checked. It could be a PF deal - totally initiated by them, without Chinese encouragement.

Since Zambians never ask questions, we will never know. We also will never know why all of this military expenditure is being prioritised and how much it all costs.


  1. There is an interesting relationship between the Dragon and the serpent.

    The Serpent, as in the biblical Adam & Eve story, rode on the back of the Dragon to seek and assume total state power in the copper rich nation.

    The Dragon seemingly emaciated and numbed by the serpents venom, rolled out its tow faced double tongue, breathed both fire and and cold to finally tame the serpent.

    KK was earlier sent to Beijing, with a brief to strengthen ties between the two socialist parties (china's CPC & Zambia's PF), but diametrically opposed entities.

    Jet fighters are the a strategic asset in military arsenal, bu perhaps the purchase or donation are an indicator of the hard line stance the PF is likely to take on the so-far-calm Barotseland 1994 matter.

    i urge caution in the approach to this very delicate matter.

  2. This article is too light on facts to make sensible comments. For example 1. When the order was made 2. The price 3. When payment was received 4. An assessment of the current state of the air force and scheduled replacement of aircraft. Otherwise everthing is worthless speculation


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