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Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Rewriting History?

The Fourth President gave a lecture last week in the USA where he appears to have recast himself as the champion of the people, a superhero at the height of the economic storm even, whose only mistake was failing to communicate his many successes properly. A champion of 50%+1 who tried his best to deliver a people driven constitution. The Banda in the essay is not one many ordinary Zambians recognise. The Banda we remember is one only failed to get troops to our streets when he saw defeat because the Generals told him no. We remember the man who forced the First President to cry because he refused to give up power. It took stern warnings from western countries and   the bravery of Justice Mambilima who threatened to spill the bins to the nation for Zambia to see pass that dark hour.
President Rupiah Banda - Lecture April 2012

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