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Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Shaping the Future Conference (March 2012)

The British Council recently hosted the above conference at The Taj Podmozi Hotel. The conference was designed to allow Zambians to meet, discuss and decide on policy issues affecting the following areas:

Food Production and Security – main speakers Mr Gareth Haysom University of Cape Town and Auckland Kuteya - IAPRI Research Associate – Chair Alex Mwanaksale

Resource rich and people poor – main speaker Anwar Ravat, World Bank, Lusaka – Chair Professor Oliver Saasa

Energy use and alternatives - main speakers Mr Elias Chipimo, President NAREP and Dr.Thomas Krimmel, MD Southern Bio Power – Chair Elias Chipimo

Improving access to education and health - main speakers - Mrs Ruth Mubango, Director of Teacher Education and Specialised Services, Ministry of Education, Science, Vocational Training and Early Childhood and Health – Dr Felix Masiye, Head; Economics Department, University of Zambia – Chair: Ms Chileshe Chilangwa, Deputy Chief of Party Zambia-led Prevention Initiative, FHI360

Poverty Reduction – main speaker - Dr Francis Chigunta, Department of Development Studies, University of Zambia – chair – John Birchall, Development Economist

Emerging markets and their influence on Zambia – main speaker - Mr Trevor Simumba, Trade Economist – Chair - Mr Yusuf Dodia, Chair Private Sector Development in Zambia

Economic Development – main speakers - Ms Karen Ward, Senior Economist, HSBC ,Mr Dunstan Kamana, Associate Director, HSBC and Richard Wellings, Institute of Economic Affairs, London – Chair Savior Mwambwa Executive Director Centre for Trade Policy and Development

Sustainable Development – main speakers - Dr Elspeth Donovan | South African Development Director | University of Cambridge Programme for Sustainability Leadership – Cape Town, Rolf Shenton, Sustainable Development Consultant and Sebastian Scott, Agriculturalist – Chair John Birchall, Development Economist

The role of women in development – main speaker - Mrs. Emile Sikazwe – Women for Change – Chair - : Ms Sara Longwe, Gender and Development Consultant

Each session was chaired by a Zambian expert in the topic being covered and a number of the main speakers joined proceedings via Skype or on pre-recorded DVD’s.

Over 160 delegates attended the conference and many messages have been received congratulating the organisers on such an interesting and constructive experience.

The conference concluded with policy groups being agreed and the list of those who are to work together can be seen on The British Council – Zambia web site - all conference papers are also available at this address.

As from 1st May a twice monthly News Letter will be published and regular podcasts will be available on The British Council web site. Together with the regular meetings of the Policy Groups these will allow all of those who attended to be part of the on-going decision-making process and those who could not attend can share in the information that emerges from all of the meetings and posting that appear.

It is hoped that another conference of this scale and relevance will be held in March 2013.

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