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Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Corruption Watch (Various)

The Joint Government Investigations Team formally charged China's Zhongui Mining Company for alleged corrupt practices with a public officer. It is alleged that the mining firm corruptly gave former Mines Minister Maxwell Mwale received over K470m gratifications as an inducement or reward for the issuance of mining prospecting licenses in North Western province.

Police authorities are pursuing members of an agricultural cooperative society in Mumbwa who include a senior police reservist for theft of more than K2 billion. The senior police reservist has been stripped off his position to pave the way for investigations concerning the K2 billion which he and others received from the Food Reserve Agency (FRA) for maize purported to have been supplied.

Zambia Revenue Authority has announced that it will institute investigations into the alleged corruption among some of staff at Nakonde border post as alleged by the customs clearing agents who staged a protest over the weekend. Clearing agents have been accused ZRA officers of working in collaboration with some agents in under-valuing goods to evade paying appropriate taxes.

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