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Wednesday, 30 May 2012

From Beijing With Weapons, 3rd Edition

Zambia and China this week signed a US$8m military aid agreement for the rehabilitation of the Ndola and Maina Soko Military hospitals. Defence Minister Geoffrey Mwamba has been in Beijing signing meeting with military officials there. Mr Mwamba said the signing of the agreement is part of GRZ's effort to "uplift standards in the defence forces". The Chinese on their part are keen to "continue to provide monetary and various forms of support to help the Zambian government". It is unclear the extent to which the money is a grant or loan. What is clear is that China - Zambia military cooperation continues to deepen. We have previously warned that China's economic cooperation is accompanied with deepening military cooperation. The latest deal come immediately after buying K-8P jets from Beijing.


  1. The PF love affair with all things Chinese is a huge problem - thats why we have a return to the Party and its government with the central committee a part "state functions" and a militarised government. Thats why we need fighter-trainer jets for "internal security" when what we need is an air service for the police. It was funny to hear the veep on BBc saying eveyrthing si fien with China because they sent a new ambassador. Do they think we stupid?

  2. Guy Scott is now appealing to the Chinese to come and sort out the unemployment problem in Zambia. More popcorn please. I don't wanna miss a thing! Comedy!


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