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Thursday, 3 May 2012

Is RDA too big to deliver?

Yes. According to Zambia Consumer Association(ZACA) Muyunda Ililonga who believes the Government should urgently review operations of the Roads Development Agency : "The scope of work required to be done is large considering that almost the entire road network in Zambia has broken down..It is a challenge for RDA to make quick decisions and implement them in districts such as Kitwe because of the large scope of work the agency is faced with...the Kitwe-Chingola Road is cardinal and strategic to the national economy and yet it is in a bad state and serving as a death trap". More detail via The Times

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  1. The Zambian government ought to be serious on the issue of road network/infrastructure. RDA is too big for nothing....those F**k only want to sell money from Zambian. Too much money has been spent on roads but we can see results. There is need to restructure the agency not only its board but its as a whole and create functioning prov and district agencies


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