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Friday, 4 May 2012

Mine Watch (Various)

Recent note worthy mining related stories.

First Quantum Minerals is working hard to update its public image. It has allegedly set aside more than K40 billion "to produce more Zambian engineers and artisans to meet the skills gap in an increasingly demanding mining industry and expanding economy". The bursary programme will see "more than 200 Zambians study in local and foreign higher learning institutions in diverse fields that include engineering and medicine and artisan skills by 2013".

Zambia's mining future has never looked brighter for its foreign investors. Caledonian Mining Corporation has become the next mining investor to strike rich. It has discovered a new copper zone at Nama Project in the Copperbelt Province and phase one drilling is expected to commerce this year. The company holds licences covering squares of kilometres adjacent to Konkola and Vale/ African Rainbow Minerals properties.

Zinc Aluminium Lead Copper Limited (ZALCO) is looking to create 1,000 jobs in Kabwe when its multi-million manufacturing and processing plant is completed next year. The company is appealing to Government recognise "its huge investment", by helping it with wider training programmes that will "produce people who will have skills that the private sector needs". 

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