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Monday, 21 May 2012

Zambian School Triumphs in Global Competition

Indeco Community School wowed judges in global competition, the School Enterprise Challenge 2011, to   win $5000. This exciting announcement coincides with the launch of the 2012 competition, which is now open for registration.

This international competition is organised by the UK based development charity Teach A Man To Fish. It is a great chance for schools to develop businesses, bringing in extra income and teaching students useful entrepreneurial skills.

Indeco School were awarded the ‘People’ prize for their bag and school uniform-making business, named Indeco Divine Hands, for positive effect it is having on their local community. Not only has their business provided employment for four local community members, they have also organised a number taster days to introduce other schools to the world of business. Profits from their business have been invested in improving the school, which has included the installation of electricity in the classrooms – a fantastic step that will improve the wellbeing of Indeco’s students no end.

“The fact that Indeco Divine Hand is a part of the School Enterprise Challenge has really brightened the spirits of the school community”- Headmaster of Indeco School.

This week also sees the launch of the School Enterprise Challenge 2012. Now into its second year, we hope to get more schools and students involved in this great competition and learning valuable entrepreneurial skills. With more prizes on offer, including a top prize of $5000 and individual prizes of $2000 for the best teacher and a laptop for the best student, it should be a fantastic competition.

Nik Kafka, Managing Director of Teach A Man To Fish, said “we are delighted to be holding the second School Enterprise Challenge. With more countries and schools getting involved the competition will be even bigger and better and more young people will be equipped with the skills needed to enter the business world.”

Teach A Man To Fish is an international charity working to improve the relevancy, quality, and availability of education in developing countries. Our pioneering approach uses school-based businesses to teach students valuable entrepreneurship and livelihood skills. This model allows schools to generate additional income, improving their financial sustainability, while at the same time enabling them to offer a more relevant and higher quality education.

With already over 150 schools signed ups for the School Enterprise Challenge 2012, this year’s competition is shaping up to be really great and an opportunity that no school should miss out on.

For any schools interested in taking part, more information can be found at:

Alternatively, get in touch with Teach A Man To Fish at, who will be happy to answer any questions.

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