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Tuesday, 1 May 2012

ZAMPOST's downsizing

Zambia Postal Services Corporation (ZAMPOST) recently reduced its post office box rates by five per cent on all commercial boxes across the country. The company has also reduced charges on personal post boxes for Ndola, Luanshya and Western Province by 20 per cent. The rest of the country will see a 10 per cent reduction. That appears to be good news because it is seeking to be competitive. The more baffling development is that ZAMPOST's "streamlining" now includes an acquistion of 10 new buses which will be deployed to all provincial centres, thats after recent initiatives to introduce banking services. A weird streamlining indeed. It would be good if ZAMPOST was good atleast at one thing! A more extensive post is coming in due course on postal service reform.

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  1. Zampost would be better concentrating on its core products or services,such as its postal services and its money transfer services rather than focusing on being a giant for so many thing thereby incuring huge overhead costs in the name of innovating,real innovation shud focus on the core product and make it robust and unsubstutable,like DHL,they concentrate on what they know best than wasting hard earned money on nothingness.Concerned citizen


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