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Thursday, 28 June 2012

Will dual citizenship increase unemployment?

Yes, according to President Michael Sata :
President Michael Sata said that amending the law to allow dual citizenship has its consequences. Mr Sata said that if the law is changed, there will be more Zambians and jobs will be taken away by other nationalities living in the country. The President was responding to a question from a Zambian living in England during a dinner hosted for him at the Zambian High Commissioner’s residence. Mr Sata has advised Zambians living abroad to return home and compete for jobs with their compatriots.The President also said that he has a duty to protect the majority of Zambians especially poor citizens.
No, according to Clive Chirwa :
The world has now shrank into a global culture and economy. For this reason many countries are now endorsing dual citizenships. The results are colossal in terms of economic development. Let us name a few of these countries Austria, Australia, Belgium, Brazil...Can you associate these countries with consequences due to dual citizenship? Can you see that by having more citizens these countries have lost out on the employment front because the foreigners have taken those jobs? In my eyes and I believe in yours too, I see development, low poverty rate, collective riches, pure prosperity, technological advances, literate upbringing and above all excellent governance. Dual Citizenship has helped many of the countries in the list to develop far more quickly than they would have done otherwise. Let us take some examples: (i) Israel – ranked fourth in the world in scientific activity and a major player in high-tech industries. It designs and builds aeroplanes (Astra, Gulfstream, etc.). It develops technologies for agriculture so that high yields can be harvested in the desert sand (while we have failed despite having good soil). All these advancements are due to transfer of technology by its dual citizens working overseas and helping their motherland. As a result thousands of jobs are created by the dual nationals.....(iii) Ghana – a country that has realised the economic benefits of dual citizenship through fostering trade and broadening investments opportunities. In the last ten years Ghana has seen its skill and expert population increase tremendously due to dual citizenship. Ghana’s dual citizens have set up shops in their country by developing roads, housing, building machineries, developing free medical care, utility facilities and many more. Thanks to the Ghanaian government that has welcomed dual nationals with open arms as they have brought with them free technology transfer and business acumen....


  1. If you did not read the names of the comments or the brief analyses of dual citizenship above who would say is the President?

  2. I've heard this same comment with regards to high school graduation in Zambia. Why are we educating all these kids when we can't find jobs for the graduates we have.

    Meanwhile I telecommute and pay 30% tax to Kenya instead of Zambia because I couldn't get a work permit. (I was born in Zambia but I have a US passport).

  3. Clive Chirwa is right on this one. The people wanting dual citizenship are not likely to be competing for no skills, minimum wage work. They are more likely to be employers than employees. They would create jobs.

  4. Clive Chirwa has an agenda and his examples are a case of comparing apples to oranges. Israel for example has an estimated 5,7m jews and the United States has an estimated jewish population of 5,2m.

    Clearly there are nowhere near as many Zambians in the diaspora.

    More importantly according to a 2008 Congressional Research Service report the US between 1949 and 1996 gave Israel an estimated 68billion US dollars in aid to Isreal; as well as an additional 20billion dollars since.

    In the case of Ghana the picture is similar as an estimated 10-20% of the Ghana's population lives abroad.

    Zambia has NOWHERE near that number of people in the diaspora.

    It is also well known fact that "foreign investors" are and have been given preferential treatment when compared to local investors.

    As a result if Zambians in the diaspora are not investing in Zambia because Zambia does not offer dual citizenship is it a completely baseless argument.

    The choice to invest is based on the return on investment and not nostalgia. If you are Zambian or from Zambia and you see a worthwhile opportunity in Zambia to make a decent return on your investment then do so.

    If not please don't feed us this nonsense excuse that it is because you were not given a Zambian passport.

    1. I am sure if you were to be asked to apply for and pay for a visa just to see your relatives you would not make such comments. Though living abroad and having foreign passports all individuals born and who once lived in Zambia would like to invest in Zambia not for the business return on investment only. It’s because though living abroad they would like for both themselves and their children to return to a place they call home one day. There are many reasons why individuals apply for foreign citizenships and therefore are forced to give up their Zambian passports. Dual nationality would be a big help

  5. Somebody explain more on this dual citizenship and just how this will benefit my grandmother in the village.

    1. Well i dont know about it helping your grandmother in the village. I do know that my grandmother would be happy to see me since i havent seen her 1O years. I am an American born Zambian, Father is Zambian mother is American i have lived in Zambia from the time s i was 9 years old till 18 . I can honestly say that coming from both countries has its benefits however if i had to choose a place where i call home it wouldn't be Los angeles where i was born it would be Lusaka. My name is Chilufya Luchembe by the way

    2. well perhaps if we allow the dual citizenship we can bring in investment that will in turn employ those say aunties, uncles and other family members who will in turn look after granny instead of you having to send money to gran, aunty, uncle and other family members. also perhaps one of those citizens with a kind heart like most zambians may even build a clinic for gran to go to in her old age. With tax being paid they might even be medicine for granny. (THE CHINESE HAVENT DONE IT)

  6. Hi Everyone, my oppinion on this one is that allowing dual citizenship to those who qualify ie with having one parent from zambia or being born in Zambia or both to be certain that there is a true and genuine connection to the country, would allow for more investment. The problem is many people who would qualify under the above dont have the $500000 to invest but may have say $5000-50000 to invest in medium size companies that have the potential to grow and employ local zambians. The truth is we want to invest and see our people grow. Im tired of having to send hundreds of pounds to my family in zambia every year knowing it will simply go from hand to mouth but with my expirience in the developed world i could offer so much. For the majority of us we only wish for the best for the country.I think they should allow dual but only for those with a true link to the country and that can only be by parentage end of.


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