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Thursday, 19 July 2012

A Call for Writers

We are planning to allow on a limited basis - two or three additional Zambian writers or writers on Zambia to share their thoughts on Zambia and Africa on Zambian Economist.

This is part of the aim to widen the project, and frankly, give me a break from time to - "even young men grow weary". Also "iron sharpens iron". We want the quality to rise on many issues. But crucially if I were unable to write, for whatever reason, the writing can still continue. We are all mortal.

Now I already have two volunteers. They'll start writing ASAP. There's probably room to add one or two more. If you are impartial - have an interest in Zambia's development and general economic / political economy issues - and enjoy writing constructive thoughts (short or long posts) - please drop me an email. With a very brief word about yourself - and why you want to join up!

This is a huge step for me because for the last 5 years this has really been a personal project. But now I think it can grow in this direction. But we can't risk it's impartiality or quality. At the same time it is right that a new generation of Zambians start taking control of the intellectual direction of our country. This is a good opportunity.

The writers may write short to long posts as they feel right. You can write as often or as little as you have time. Total freedom - within our overall vision.

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