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Monday, 9 July 2012

And another thing...

A strange statement from Vice President Guy Scott :
“If you look at the Copperbelt it is an eyesore and roads are full of portholes unlike the way it was during the colonial times when companies like Roan Selection Trust existed. The mining industry in those days was very much part of the Zambian society. My concern about the mining industry and the energy industry for that matter is that they become domesticated, they become part of Zambia’s life, part of Zambia’s social life. If you look around in the Copperbelt even today it looks like one big ghost town in most places.”
- Vice President Guy Scott (Source : The Post)

A question arises - do we want mining companies to pay fair taxes or do we want them to develop local areas on behalf of Government? You can't have both! We have previously proposed a system that would held resolve this tension - more here

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  1. Okey! Could we be a little bit careful in our statements. I thought those days, when people had to drink red bull before listening to state run media are gone. We had enough of those days. Give us a reason to be proud with the calibre of our leadership. Large dose of vitality!


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