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Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Aviation Watch (NACL)

NACL is planning to take forward significant redevelopment of Kenneth Kaunda International Airport over the next few years. A new terminal building designed for International arrivals and departures would replace the current facility at a cost of about US$200 million while aprons and taxiways would also be constructed and a new control tower would be developed. Apparently the plans are based on a $725,000 American funded study by the aviation consultancy group, Leigh Fischer Associates.

But none of this is new. These plans have been on the table for a long time. Perhaps there's new momntum. But we still have no clarity where this $200m is coming from. Who will pay for these redevelopments? We have previously offered reflections on what needs to be done to deliver new infrastructure


  1. oh, I cann't wait to see our Airport which looks some ancient Bus station reborn and rebranded to fit post modern Zambia. My dream is also to see the facilities at the Ndola Military Airport done away with and replaced by modern civilian facilities.

  2. Lets hope this massive renovation doesn't displace the urgent need for some basic safety equipment. Right now KK International has no reliable radar, no weather radar, extremely poor radio equipment in the tower +++ and Zambian planes do not require anti-collision warning. This all adds up to an accident waiting to happen and frustrated controllers and pilots. Pilots talk of at least two near misses per week.
    Please can we get our priorities in order- an accident could do untold damage to Zambia's image.


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