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Friday, 13 July 2012

Poor Policy Alert (Chishimba Kambwili)

“As Government, we are working on modalities that will compel all firms in the country that do not support sport to pay tax that will go towards various sports disciplines. We will come up with a bill that will be presented to Parliament on how to regulate firms on paying tax that will help sport"

Apparently GRZ will not allow any investor to dictate terms and conditions on any sport they have failed to sponsor. He also warned that "investors will find it difficult if they do not work with sports associations"By investors presumably he means mining companies. I admire his quest to see Zambians benefit from mining companies but any infrastructure tax must prioritise real infrastructure. Funding sports is a wrong priority. It is also unfair. Why should a mining company be mandated to fund sports infrastructure which they have no interest in? And what about other businesses? We are failing to think right about issues in our country.

1 comment:

  1. the Chipolopolos have won and the dream has begun...

    sport and soccer are the opium of the people and Kambwili is the dealer...

    foreign mining companies should pay real taxes but those crooks have artificially inflated cash costs and have used transfer pricing to minimise the profits
    State should be able to fund itself sports infrastructure through taxes but it cant

    For example, in order to enhance his image, Glencore already uses a misleading communication, those looters knows very well the failings of Zambian politicians

    Thus Mopani will spend K500 million on Shinde Stadium Rehabilitation

    a crumb of $100,000 (K500 million) vs at least $800,000,000 looted
    Banda and his MMD govt were corrupt but why PF govt closes its eyes, also rotten or incompetent ?

    in fact soccer is the opium of the people, Kambwili will be the simpleminded dealer whilst the mining drug cartel will continue to line their pockets...

    poor Zed...


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