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Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Aid Watch (Japan)

Japan recently donated US$8 million for the drilling of 200 boreholes in Luapula Province. According to Japan's Ambassador Akio Egawa, "the gesture is aimed at supplementing Government efforts to provide clean drinking water". One though has to question the value for money of these boreholes at that price. Unless of course it is the usual aid mirage : large figure quote but small amount actually given.


  1. One may also wonder how much of that money is given for less productive things, such as:

    - allowances
    - design costs (to Japanese design firms)
    - probably a whole lot more

    Furthermore, one may also wonder who is in charge of the wells after they are built. Who decides eligibility to use the well? Where will it be placed? On whose land? Will someone informally 'privatize' it? Who will take care of servicing and maintenance?

  2. $8,000,000 for 200 boreholes, that is $40,000 per borehole. Last time I checked the price was $1,400 per borehole - which after all is just a (admittedly deep) hole in the ground. 1 borehole for the price of 6 small houses.

    Who is doing the procurement, Frankie Three Fingers? To paraphrase Jack Ryan in Clear And Present Danger - those are some expensive boreholes.

    Maybe it's one of those NGOs where 80% of the donations go to staff and other issues?

  3. If we are to really appreciate these donations i feel that the donors or the recipants of the funds to provide a detailed utilization schedule to the public.I think that the meaning of transparency. :)


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