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Friday, 10 August 2012

Desolation of Kankoyo

"We hope the government can do something to help us. We are really suffering. The sulphur dioxide is eating away our roofs and we have chest pains and constant cough. My husband is always sick. Every two days he is sick"
Kankoyo resident Christine Sibanda bemoans the desolation of Kankoyo. It is an open question of what can be regarded as the most polluted town in Zambia. Not too long ago that prize went to Kabwe when it appeared as the 8th polluted place on earth. Which makes you wonder. I went to Butondo Secondary in Mufulira after spending a few years at St Clements in Mansa. Ever since I can remember Kankoyo has been a tragedy. We have previously touched on the need to re-think mining policy in our essay here

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