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Friday, 31 August 2012

Energy Watch (Oil Supply)

Commodities trade Trafigura has been awarded a $500 million contract to supply Africa's top copper producer with petrol and diesel for one year. Trafigura will supply Zambia with 216 million litres of petrol and 21 million litres of diesel during the contract period starting from October. Energy Permanent Secretary George Zulu declared, "The country is now assured of a stable and continuous supply of fuel".

Good work, but can we now liberalise the market? The problems facing oil supply in Zambia are the same problems facing maize marketing. Inefficient government involvement in systems where its role should be purely to maintain strategic reserves and leave the rest to market forces, underpinned by appropriate favourable taxation framework. We need to be bold and courageous to transform this country. With a year under its belt, its time for PF to take risks and upset entrenched interests for a better Zambia!

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