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Friday, 3 August 2012

Mandatory national service

GRZ recently announced the reintroduction of a mandatory Zambia National Service (ZNS) skills training for school-leavers. The reintroduction of the ZNS mandatory training for youths will start with Grade 12 school-leavers for the end of year 2013. Trainees would be expected to spend 18 months at the ZNS camps before enrolling for further education at college or university levels. K100 billion was allocated in this year’s budget for the refurbishment of the ZNS infrastructure that would host the youth and that additional funds would be sourced in next year’s budget. According to Youth Minister Kambwili the “training would equip youths with survival skills and that it would be different from the training undertaken during the UNIP government, where it involved military training”.

This has previously been discussed here building on the useful contributions by readers.

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  1. Will the youths enrolled at such camps receive any remuneration? Is govt going to consider National Service as prerequisite to award Scholarships and Bursaries to only participating youth?

    I would suggest that Govt seek the advise or Partnerships of international organizations such as PEACE CORPS and JICA in facilitating some of the youth programs in education and empoloyment. I know Peace Corps work with local people in Agriculture, education, science and other poverty reduction projects.

    Once the above questions are answered, then we can debate this issue to greater strength.


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