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Monday, 20 August 2012

The SADC Conference and "African solutions"

By Jessica Achberger

The 32nd annual SADC conference, which took place in Maputo, represent President Sata's first appearance before the regional development community.

In a report on Sata's maiden speech, The Times of Zambia explained that Sata stressed "peace, stability and security." Notably, he also stressed "African solutions" to African development issues. He rightly noted that security was the main historical issue to hinder inter-regional trade in Southern Africa, and that it should be the first priority of the SADC community.

SADC represents the most important grouping of economic partners for Zambia, particularly in terms of trade. Regional partnerships are key for sustainable economic growth and Sata's speech emphasised these points. However, how will the SADC conference move beyond rhetoric?

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