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Saturday, 1 September 2012

Well done, Mr President

President Michael Sata this week fired Justice Minister Sebastian Zulu and Southern Province Permanent Secretary Edwin Zumbunu. Academic Dr Chileshe Mulenga has been appointed the new Southern Province Permanent Secretary. No word on the new justice minister.

We don't know the circumstances surround the firing of the Justice Minister. But we highly commend the President for firing the Southern PS Edwin Zumbunu quickly and decisively. This is the leadership we need.

Only recently we learnt about Mr Zumbunu corrupt activities in relation to the awarding of a contract to construct a K750 million boundary fence at the provincial minister’s residence in Livingstone. Mr Zumbunu had dismissed all the allegations levelled against him. But later, in a dramatic turn of events, Livingstone District Commissioner, Paul Sensele came out strongly to reaffirm the allegations against Mr Zumbunu at a media briefing while kneeling and holding a Bible in his right hand. Mr Sensele even dared Mr Zumbunu to sue him in his personal capacity if the allegations were false, saying he had enough evidence to prove that the allegations against the former Permanent Secretary were true.

The President's action gives confidence to all whistleblowers. We need more of this to really sort out the corrupt mess in this country. more importantly, we hope now that future appointments should be properly vetted. A person is not corrupt overnight. They have a track record. There must be a process by which the public can be consulted before these public officials are confirmed in their posts. This way we ensure all the dirt has been revealed. We can build on this!


  1. Well DONE? This non-directional politics as usual. The first step is to remove the aberrant officer, but that should only be but the start- but alas the lame-duck legal framework in Livingstone, much less in Lusaka, cannot atop the case and prosecute, and render and enforce the verdict. That's what Well DONE should look like. Fire and Prosecute, and where possible, recover the lost resources. Not just appear to be tough firing everyone, and back-pocket the offenders for recycling- for surely they would be useful in subsequent campaigns.
    The prosecution and conviction of such aberrant officers should black list them for their lives, instead of just appearing be in control firing... then nothing else.

  2. What about the rot at Defence where the man in charge is chief contractor to the defence forces? What about the $4m dollars renovations to State House that was single sourced to a company in which a Minister has shares? The nepotism, tribalism and regionalism are vices that are destroying the fabric of the nation. Zambia is in big trouble with this lot!


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