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Thursday, 11 October 2012

Boosting Tourism

A World Bank  note embedded below explores the prospects for growth in Zambia’s tourism industry and estimates the potential contribution of a larger, more competitive tourism industry, as well the policies that may get us there. The data is a little date (pre 2010) and the policies largely echo what we have discussed before - but nevertheless it is a useful reference document to have. Key conclusions :
Zambia’s tourism industry is under-performing relative to those of other countries in the region, as well as to its own potential. By achieving a number of results, the industry can come closer to reaching its potential. These results include: a lower cost of supplies; improved labour productivity; easier access to and lower cost of finance; more extensive and more effective destination marketing; upgrading and diversifying Zambia’s attractions and locations; cheaper and more convenient travel to and within Zambia; a more stable and predictable regulatory environment; greater competition in tourism and related/supporting industries; stronger support for the tourism industry from Government and the wider population.

The scope for and potential benefits from improved industry productivity are substantial. They are also much needed as, despite sustained macroeconomic growth, poverty levels in rural Zambia remain high. Given the potential of the tourism industry, and the strong commitment of Government, business, civil society and donors to improve industry performance, there is a real opportunity for stakeholders to chart an effective way forward and to monitor their progress over time.
 What would it take for Zambia's tourism industry to achieve its potential?

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