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Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Constituency Development Funds, 3rd Edition

Charles Kakoma MP (Zambezi West, UPND) recently said the Government must increase the Constituency Development Fund to K5 billion, or the opposition will not support the 2013 budget. In his words :
"This is a 'don't kubeba budget' because they are not telling the Zambian people the truth about what they are going to do in this country. It is meant to be a campaign budget to cool down the youths who have no jobs. The CDF must be increased to K5 billion; without that we are not going to support this budget"
This is poor thinking. Mr Kakoma should know that not too long ago it was revealed that the Government by its own admission has not measured the impact of the CDF on the socio-economic development of constituencies from inception to date. Two major studies which were conducted by Caritas Zambia and the Economic Association of Zambia (EAZ) on the impact of the CDF which are in public domain have shown rampart corruption and misallocation of funds. So how can Mr Kakoma ask for such a fund to be increased five-fold? So that MPs can eat more?

The CDF should be abolished and in its place a better fiscal framework should be put in place. Let councils have proper fiscal decentralisation. Let them spend the money they raise through local taxes. And please, let us ensure MPs stay out of money issues. It corrupts their proper functions : which is creating laws; representation; and, advocacy. Only in Zambia do Members of Parliament worry about local budgets! Such should be the job of a properly functioning council! Not MPs!


  1. indeed i see no need of increasing the cdf because what has been allocated for alredy has made no impact but all loss. am a resident of chief chipepo , cenhtral province. since the time i came to know about the cdf, i have been looking forward to seeing some improvement especially in the road network, health services and education infrastructure which is the cry of every resident there but nothing has been done, completely nothing. when i listen to news and parliament debates i have heard other mps speaking real issues of needs for the people they represent but i have never head anything or even the voice of the area mp. i dont even know who he is and am not the only one who doesn't know even people who voted from their do not know. when i go for holidays i expect to hear issues like people had been invited for council meetings and the like, or to chance one when am there. i have never head any call for meeeting at the council not even hisory testifying that they held a public meeting with members of the community. people do not even know their civil rights such that they do not even know how they can participate in projects that can improve their socio-economic wellbeing. it hurts me alot because i have come to know alot about how the mps are enjoying our shares of the national cake on our backs. can someone please help me with the right office i can visit to empasize this problem because apparently we don't have representative, whaat we have is just an imitation. there is alot you would want to know about how we are suffering at the hands of these mps. can the central goverment please make restructures in terms of fiscal decentralisation to ensure that such resources do not go to waste through the hands of these good for nothing amatuers called mps.


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