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Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Housing Crisis

By Jessica Achberger 

A recent article by the IRIN, via AllAfrica news, highlights the growing Zambian housing crisis. The article describes operations by the PF Government to eliminate illegal housing developments. According to the article, 
"In September 2012 about 100 middle-class houses were pulled down in Lusaka. Over 50 houses were demolished in the Zamtan shanty area of Kitwe, Copperbelt Province, and in Eastern Province, about 100 houses in a forest reserve of the provincial capital, Chipata, have been identified for destruction." The PF Government responded to outrage of the destruction by saying, "....constructing houses on private land and in undesignated areas should not blame the government for having their structures pulled down."
The housing shortage throughout Zambia, and particularly in Lusaka, cannot be ignored any longer. There is a huge shortage of housing for the middle class, as rents in the urban centres can be staggering. How can the average Zambian afford decent housing? This is what has led to this problem.

The solution is obviously not to construct illegal housing, but it should be a priority of the PF government to identify a solution on this issue that works for everyone. More affordable housing needs to become available, and this need will only continue to grow.

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