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Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Corruption Watch (REA, Prisons)

Recent corruption allegations.

The ACC is investigating rampant financial abuse worth billions of Kwacha at the Rural Electrification Authority (REA). This follows revelations from Auditor General who has just completed a 30-day audit of the institution. Earlier this year some concerned REA employees sent a confidential dossier to President Michael Sata cataloguing many abuses at REA by the CEO Wilfred Serenje (now fired), including general theft by public servant, nepotism, corruption and victimisation.  There are so many government agencies that exist just to waste public money. 

The ACC recently arrested two government officers for corruption and abuse of office involving K1.5 billion meant for rehabilitation of Livingstone Central Prison. Mwala Katundu a quantity surveyor has been arrested for certifying that works at the Livingstone Central Prison were fully done when in fact not. The other is Emmanuel Nguni an Assistant Director of Monitoring and Evaluation who received funds in exchange of awarding the contract. Both are at the Ministry of Works and Supply. The duo are remanded in custody and have denied the charge and will appear in court soon.

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