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Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Another day, another party, 11th Edition

Two recent parties actually. First up is the Catholic priest Frank Bwalya who recently announced he is forming a new party. Frank Bwalya says President Michael Sata has lost it and that time has come for Zambians to look to him for direction. His decision apparently came to him as "part of the visions that God has been showing him". He has a vision for a Zambia which will have not street kids among other things.

He is promising to introduce a new type of politics and has already launched a yellow card campaign against the PF government for "failing to keep mealie meal prices low" and "its selective prosecution". The name of the party is secret until such a time when it is right to announce it. He says this is to void the hijacking of the name of his yet to be launched political party.

Peter Sinkamba has also formed a new political party . It is called the Green Party of Zambia. According to Sinkamba the new political party will bring ideology-based politics to Zambia. The party will launch officially on June 5.

He is currently the executive director of Citizens for a Better Environment (CBE), an environmental watchdog. But he is most famous fir being the national coordinator of the People’s Pact Forum. The pact rose to fame during the 2011 elections having heavily endorsed PF, and then evaporated afterwards.

Sinkamba explains the aims of the new party as follows : "Our aim is to enhance the effectiveness of the Zambian people in creating a green society by providing an evolving social-economic and political structure that embraces and supports green values. We offer ourselves as a voice of the masses in Zambia and for the broader global green movement worldwide".

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