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Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Levy Stadium Funding Problems

Financial challenges have hit Levy Mwanawasa stadium. Mwape Kasanda  (Levy Mwanawasa Assistant Director) recently revealed :
“We are faced with financial challenges in maintaining the stadium because the funds that we are given monthly are not enough for us to maintain this facility. We therefore call upon you Members of Parliament (MPs) to push for the increase of budgetary allocation to the stadium so that we can manage the facility with efficiency it deserves.."
The stadium needs KR211,000 every month for effective maintenance works to be carried out. Of that amount KR83,000 is funded by a government grant. An additional KR100,000 is raised every month from hiring out the stadium for functions. Which has left a shortfall. Which is likely to rise over time as maintenance costs increase over time. Kasanda wants MPs to push for the increase of budgetary allocation for the stadium in the 2014 national Budget. He also needs more money for maintenance equipment.

We are currently pushing forward more stadium constructions. The challenges facing Levy Mwanawasa is food for thought on whether these modern stadiums provide value for money in the long term, given the huge infrastructure costs upfront and associated maintenance. The problem is that Zambia does not have high quality sports events that people would pay for regularly to be hosted at Levy Mwanawasa. Indeed when other stadiums are built (Lusaka is already finishing the second stadium) Levy may even struggle more. And there's talk of Mongu getting a stadium - again more competition. 

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