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Monday, 20 May 2013

We Must Do Better (Guest Post)

By Mutota N. Mulumpa

Allow me to quote an excerpt from Amanda Nelson's article on the 'Effects of European Colonialism in Africa' :
“Racism, poverty, and ethnic violence are the most prominent impact colonialism had on the continent of Africa. Of course, the European influence was not entirely without benefit; indeed, colonialism introduced modern education systems, medicine, and infrastructures such as roads and electricity to Africa. However, it can be assumed that without colonial interference, the continent would have developed its own unique education system, medical treatment, and systems of government much more suited to the culture of individual ethnic groups. Perhaps a unified continent without strife or racial tension could have developed, with a strong economy and peaceful government. Now that Africa has its independence, the long journey toward healing begins"
The question is: are we ready to begin this journey towards healing? This process starts by altering our mindset. To begin to think more critically, dream and innovate. To create and trust that our creation is worthy of recognition.

This journey begins by priding ourselves in our country and resources God has given us. Politics will never change a single thing, except inter-change of promises and ideas. Politicians will remain politicians, no amount of debate will add value to the lives of people. We should begin to propose than oppose, suggest than castigate.

Among many forums on the Internet on Zambia, only the Zambian Economist (ZE) is highlighting economic areas of weakness in our country. It is facilitating a debate and suggesting better means of achieving certain goals. We must all join in press forward with this agenda. Let find solutions to our key questions :

Who is going to invent irrigation systems that are cheap and affordable to the Zambian populace? Who is going to develop a government system that is more suited to our culture or an economic system that can address our problems adequately? Who is going to develop a unique education system that equips Zambians with knowledge and skills that equip and model Zambians to be innovators, inventors and business owners?

If we sit and wait to count how many jobs the government has created, I am afraid that’s all we will ever be - mere “educated critics.” Intellectuals swelled up with things to say but no end product. Let us work together and put Zambia first in all we do.

We won’t achieve this if all we do is create a multiplicity of web media and forums that are entirely based on gossip and slander. Mere campaigns to change political parties won’t do us much good, but rather let’s do our part even in a small way to transform our nation. Zambia can and will flourish - if we work together.

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