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Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Electricity Watch (Ndola)

More good news for Ndola residents on the power front. Ndola Energy is nearly finished with the $60m construction of the heavy fuel power. The plant will begin generating power next month to cushion the Ndola's current power outages. 90 per cent of works has been done and Zesco has already started putting up transmission lines to connect the power plant to the Zesco Skyways sub-station and sold to Ndola-based electricity consumers. It will be commissioned in July with full operations in August.

Ndola Energy will be pumping residual heavy oil from Indeni Oil Refinery into the two 2000 cubic-metre tanks to operate its six generators which have already been installed. The plant is situated in Ndola's heavy industrial area adjacent to Indeni Petrolium Refinery and TAZAMA Pipelines national oil distribution terminal.

This is a great project for three reasons. First, it is another private sector led project in the generation front. Long may it continue. The more ZESCO can focus on the transmission and distribution the better! Secondly, it continues the ongoing re-emergence of Ndola as an economic centre. Reliable power is key to economic activity. And of course it also adds a few jobs on the table. Finally, as well as increasing Zambia’s generation capacity, the new plant addresses the challenge of storage space at Indeni, where HFO is stockpiled due to limited demand.

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