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Monday, 10 June 2013

Health Watch (Ambulances)

Government recently purchased over 200 ambulances and medical equipment that will be distributed to all hospitals and other health facilities throughout the country. Deputy Health Minister Christopher Mulenga says the ambulances, utility vehicles and medical equipment will start arriving in the country in June. The resources are “aimed at enhancing referral health services and efficiency in the delivery of health services throughout the country”.

This is welcome development. It is shocking that there is no adequate medical response system. The issue is most acute for road accidents where victims bleed because no medical personnel arrive on the accident scene. The question of course is whether this is enough?

And on top of that there are broader questions of whether our hospitals have adequate Accident and Emergency (A and E) services to deal with the demand. And GRZ should not forget those on remote islands e.g Chisenga, Chilubi. They need adequate access to island based response systems.

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