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Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Investment Watch (New Projects)

The Zambia Environmental Management Agency (ZEMA) recently approved 34 mining, energy and manufacturing / processing projects.

Among projects approved in the mining sector include : Vikram Investments Limited (Chongwe), Chiteta Mining Company (Chongwe), Metalco industries Limited in Mumbwa, Zambezi Natural Stone (Siavonga), Grizzly Investments Holding Limited (Lufwanyama), Mining Company Limited (Mpongwe), Huayuan Mining Limited (Solwezi), Bresmar Investment Limited (Solwezi) and Qiuzhang Investment Company (Solwezi).

Energy projects approved include : SARO Agri Equipment Limited (Lusaka) Total Zambia Limited (Solwezi & Lusaka) and Mount Meru Petroleum (Lusaka).

Projects approved in the manufacturing and processing sector include : Bweengwe Breweries (Monze), SB Plastics Limited (Lusaka), Zambeef Products Plc (Lusaka) and, Green Island investments Limited (Lusaka).

A good spread of projects. One has to see the details underpinning these projects. But it is clear the Chinese are very active in mining and their projects are growing. Investments in mining continue to be foreign driven. At the same time expansion in mining is great because it is mostly in more rural areas. A contrast to the projects in energy or processing which are mainly in Lusaka.

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