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Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Zambia Budget Performance (January - May 2013)

Government has released further detail on the Budget performance to date. Please note that all figures are in Kwacha Rebased (KR) even though some appear with only "K". I have clarified the drafting error with the Ministry of Finance. From July all figures will be in "K" only when the KR is eliminated. 

This briefing provides a little more detail than last time. Presentationally the briefing can do with a simple table of allocations so that people can see the various categories more clearly. Crucially people need to see when spending is being made against the "reserve fund". It would also be good to see forecasts on where new commitments outside the Budget are likely to place spending in general e.g. what does the rampant bye-elections and huge commitments on civil service pay award mean for the fiscal position going forward? This is what people want to know not merely historical data. 

Nevertheless so far so good. This is much better information than we have had previously and the Government is to be applauded. But it is important that Government responds to the public who use data and not merely provide what they wish to provide. 

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