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Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Why Is Zambia So Poor? And Will Things Ever Get Better?

A recent reflective piece from a foreigner on his recent visit to Zambia. It is a long read - but well worth it. Here is one stinging excerpt:

"Zambia is poor—that much is clear as soon as you arrive. To get to Kitwe, a city of 500,000 people in the Copper Belt Province, you land at Ndola airport an hour away. “Airport” is putting it grandiosely. It’s a strip of runway next to a low building the size of an exurban Starbucks. You get off the plane, walk 100 feet across the tarmac, and wait under an awning until a tractor pulls up, towing a cart with your luggage. Everyone crowds in, grabbing their bags, and you do, too—it’s all over in about 45 seconds. At no point are you indoors. As you leave, you hear a European in a suit remark, “I wish they did it like this everywhere".

We also discussed this on our Facebook Page:

hola Mukanga | Economist
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