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Friday, 11 October 2013

Zambia Budget 2014

Finance Minister Alexander Chikwanda delivered the Budget Statement 2014 today. But as always, I thought it was more important getting it across to you speedily. Great work by the way from the Zambia Revenue Authority who have also got it on their website in record time!

Chola Mukanga | Economist
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  1. Highlight:

    "...macroeconomic objectives for 2014 are to:
    a) achieve real GDP growth of above 7 percent ;
    b) create at least 200,000 decent jobs;
    c) attain end year inflation of no more than 6.5 percent;
    d) increase international reserves to over 3 months of import cover;
    e) maintain a fiscally sustainable public external debt level so that debt service and amortization do not exceed 30 percent of domestic revenues;
    f) increase domestic revenue collections to over 21 percent of GDP; and
    g) limit domestic borrowing to 2.5 percent of GDP and contain the overall deficit to no more than 6.6 percent of GDP."


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