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Friday, 6 December 2013

Annual Sabbatical

Dear Friends,

As is customary since I started this blog in 2007, I am taking one month off to recharge the batteries and switch off from social media and active blogging.  Over the years I have come to value this period. 

This means that I wont be reached through this website, Facebook or Twitter. I also will not be able to respond to non-urgent emails or queries or requests for interviews until after 15 January 2014.

Many thanks for your continued readership. Particularly thankful to those who actively take time to feedback on which articles have been helpful / not helpful - and those who always sending across important information. Special thanks to those who have supported the website through donations! The contributions go a long way in keeping this blog going! 

It's never too late to help!  If you share the vision of this website to provide independent analysis and information on pressing economic issues facing Zambia and want to make it sure it continue, please feel free to contribute towards via the "donate" button on the right.

Wishing you a very special Christmas! 

Chola Mukanga | Economist
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  1. We hope to read your posts again soon. Hope you wont be away for long.

  2. Hello Mukunga's clan, can you please remind Dr Mpundu Mukanga for me to look up on youtube etc. on Phophet TB Joshua, tell Dr Mukanga to try to attend one of the services of the prophet whenever he stop over at Nigeria, just tell him to do it for his dear friend in Australia. Daphne

  3. Can't wait for your thoughts on INDECO.
    Campbell Lumbila


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