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Saturday, 19 April 2014

Mealie Meal Prices

It is very shocking that a bag of mealie-meal is very high in the country and I have already met ZNFU and I am yet to meet MAZ in order to resolve this matter
(Agriculture Minister)

The price of mealie meal is around K82 per 25kg bag in some parts of the country. It is costing 50% more than it did this time last year. Unfortunately, as Elias Chipimo (NAREP President) has helpfully pointed out the situation is much worse:
Studies show that a 25 kilogramme bag of industrially milled maize costs between K75 and K90 (or more depending on which part of the country you are buying it from). What these surveys do not reveal, however, is that the majority of Zambians do not have enough money to buy their monthly mealie meal requirements at one go. Instead, they often have to purchase their staple diet one meal at a time. Being forced to purchase mealie meal in small units (pamela – one standard cup measure at a time) means that the poor spend in total K126 (over Kw50 more) on buying a full bag of mealie meal than those in the middle class who may have enough ready income to purchase a full bag at one time for Kw75. For the poor, the cost of living has become so high that relatively few people can afford to have even one decent meal a day.
(NAREP President)

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  1. Old Politics as usual.The price of mealie meal per "meal"is so negligible even if the price was k100 per 25kg.It takes a family of four to consume one bag of 25kg per month.Giving a cost of k3 per day!!!!! CAN WE HAVE RESPONSIBLE POLITICS PLEASE.


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