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Monday, 7 April 2014

Transport Developments

The long awaited Chipata –Mchinji railway line is now operational after stalling over three decades. It is now operating with a locomotive and 51 wagons. ZRL is working towards having 200 wagons including five other locomotives into Chipata by the end of this year so as to create additional capacity. The route now connects Chipata to Nacala port in Mozambique via Mchinji and Nayuchi. (Source : Lusaka Times)

GRZ has begun the rehabilitation of the Mulobezi railway line to facilitate transportation of cargo and people between Livingstone and Mulobezi district. Contractors have been engaged to resuscitate the Mulobezi railway line and will employ a minimum of 600 workers. Transport Minister Yamfwa Mukanga says to ensure that the railway line is viable, Mulobezi railway will be connected to the proposed Kazungula Bridge to maximise regional links and facilitate trade. (Source : Daily Mail)

Zambia and Angola have started work to construct a canal in Shang'ombo District to link the two countries. Transport Minister Yamfwa Mukanga says the project would be operational within the next two years. As part of the deal Zambia will build 10 houses in Shangombo while Angola will also build a similar number of houses. There will also be offices for customs and immigration. Once the canal is developed, it will enhance trade and create between the two countries (Source : Times)

Construction of the Chingola-Jimbe railway is expected to start this year. Transport Minister Yamfwa Mukanga says feasibility studies have already been concluded and negotiations on the funding side are in advanced stage. The railway line from Chingola to Jimbe would connect to the existing 1000 kilometre railway from Jimbe to Luanda, thereby enhancing the port access for Zambia. (Source: Times of Zambia) 

Government is on the verge of concluding discussions with North-West Rail Company (NWR) over the North-Western Railway project. Transport Minister Yamfwa Mukanga says certain documentations concerning the project were still pending but Government was determined to come up with the railway as it would quicken the movement of goods and improve business by reducing the cost of trading. NRW is a company headed by former Republican vice president Enoch Kavindele. (Source: Times of Zambia) 

Transport Minister Yamfwa Mukanga has disclosed that some "big international airlines" have expressed interest to partner with Zambia on the reintroduction of the national airline. No names have been revealed yet. Hon Mukanga says GRZ has learnt many lessons in the past and is keen to avoid a situation where the airline becomes a loss making venture. He recalls that Zambia in the past has lost money because people signed deals "without reading". (Source: ZANIS)

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  1. Fiscal policy response. Great move in stimulating AD in the economy. Stealing Keynes' argument of all of us being 'dead in the long run', this is a better allocation of resources. We hope this will increase consumer's MPC in time, hence further stimulate our GDP.


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