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Friday, 23 May 2014

Local Govt Developments (Tujilijili, Vendors, CDF)

Chipata Municipal Council has conceded defeat in its effort to control the sale of the infamous alcoholic sachets popularly known as Tujilijili. Despite being banned Tujilijili continues to pour in Chipata largely due to the porous between Zambia and Malawi. Local traders have "vowed not to stop the sale of the illegal products" (Source: Times, MuviTV). In 2012, GRZ banned the manufacture and sale of Tujilijili. But as expected, the ban has not been enforced in many councils, due to lack of capacity and competing problems. What has happened is that imports have gone up!

Kitwe Municipal Council has called on street vendors to vacate the city's central business district by making use of the space at Chisokone, Nakadoli and Chamboli markets. The council says the continued trading in the streets "defeats the whole purpose of the Keep Kitwe clean campaign because just after cleaning people are back in the streets". It is concerned that the sanitary conditions have deterioted and local business continue to complain that they are losing business. The vendors claim that they presidential backing to trade anywhere they like (Source: ZANIS ).

Local Government Minister Emmanuel Chenda says the nation has a shortag of 3 million houses. He says the government strategy is to meet this deficit is through encouraging affordable mortgages and construction financing for would be would-be investors. That is why President Michael Sata allegedly recently directed the recapitalisation of the Zambia National Building Society (Source: ZANIS). After 50 years of independence more than 70% of Zambians live in mud houses with poor sanitation and no access to electricity. The PF government promised to restore "dignity" but apparently that does not include living in a decent home.

The Ministry of Local Government says that Constituency Development Funds (CDFs) across the country will continue as long as the local authorities remain financially crippled. The ministry recently revealed in its submission to the public accounts committee that the continued theft of CDF is as a result of having many broke council employees (Source: Muvi TV). A sorry excuse! Zambia has 70% of people living on less than $2 a day. They are not all stealing! These council officials steal because of the local government organisational culture supports stealing.

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